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Pr Ntr Kmt Donation Center
Pr Ntr Kmt Donation Center
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    my magick:
    Love Spell
    Candle Spell
    Prayer Request
    my prayer:
    other amount:
    Choose the Neteru (Deity) your that best reflects your request. For instance, if your donation Magick is of Cosmic consequences then click from the Cosmic Neteru list and choose.

    Similarly, if your donation Magick is Metaphysical and/or Terrestrial then you may choose one from either respective list or all three. If you want to add or donít find the right name, then you may add that name(s) in the Text Field.

    (Optional) You are also free to add a Deity of any faith, persuasion or creed as long as they conform to the Law of Maíat. Truth, Justice, Balance and Honor. Or you can leave it blank.

    It is true that the Magick is stronger when combined. But take care for over reach reactions to your specific Magick. Remember, itís all about balance.

    We offer prayers laced with incense, in thanks for your generous donation.

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