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Hemp Twine
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Help Save The Environment, BUY HEMP! Hemp Twine Center
Use in your Garden & Yard to Macrame & Sacred Knot Magick for Hemp Jewelry or Hemp Beading.
hempStar’s smooth texture & strength makes it a superior material for so many uses. Our twine looks & feels great against the skin, yet is strong & durable.
We offer 100% Hemp Twine & Rope, now available in several colors.
HEMP TWINE - use & history
01mm Rasta Twine/Rope All New Rasta Twine
Ball of Twine - 1.0MM
Item#: tw1rasta
TPrice: $7.50

Test Strength: 20lbs
Length:  430 ft - Weight:  100g
1mm hemptwine 2.0mm hemptwine 3mm hemptwine
Ball of Twine - 1.0mm
Item#: tw1
Price: $3.50

Test Strength:
Length:  430 ft
Weight:  100g
Hemp Twine - 2.0mm
Item#: tw2
Price: $7.20

Test Strength:  48lbs
Length:  265 ft
Weight:  200g
Ball of Twine -
Item#: tw3
Price: $10.50

Test Strength:
Length:  125 ft
Weight:  300g

5mm Twine/Rope .05mm hemptwine 1mm color/combo hemptwine
Item#: tw5
Price: $20.00

Test Strength:
Length: 200ft
Weight: 530g
Ball of Twine - 0.5mm
Item#: tw05
Price: $4.20

Test Strength: 8lbs
Length: 328 ft
Weight: 50g
yellow, red, green, purple, natural, black, white, blue & orange Color/Combo - 1.0mm
Item#: twc1
Price: $30.00

Test Strength: 20lbs
Length: 430 ft
Weight: 100g
 $4.20  0.5mm
 $3.50  1mm
 $30.00 1mm Color
 $7.50 1mm Rasta
 $7.20  2mm
 $10.50  3mm
 $20.00  5mm
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$16-$20  Wallets
$3-$30  TWINE
$59.95  Pipes
$7 & up  Bags
$12.50  Stash
$24.95  Books
$16-$40  Tees
$30-$40  TeachTee
$24.95  Caps
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Henry Ford ran 40,000 vehicles on hemp for fuel

8 only 10,000 acres. Emissions are what you exhale, and next year’s crop re-converts it back into oxygen, a natural cycle fuel! Best of all, the money stays in the good old US of A.
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All orders are processed in 24 to 48 hours
All orders are processed in 24 to 48 hours. Please alow 10 days for delivery in the continental U.S. Popular gifts may take 2 to 4 weeks. Our Full Refund Policy is Good for thirty (30) days after receipt of product. credit cards
Wallets, Twine, Specialty Pipes, Padded Bags, Tee Shirts, Ball Caps & more
finest, most durable apparel and accessories for
men and women
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