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Earth’s #1 natural renewable resource!

requires at least 17 wash cycles, to completely dispell all the commercial toxins absorbed into a standard white cotton T-Shirt during the grow cycle and bleaching
HEMP is Naturally

        4 x   STRONGER
        4 x   SOFTER
        4 x   WARMER
        4 x   ABSORBENCY
        4 x   UV PROTECTION
      20 x   LONGER LASTING

  All testing is laboratory certified & approved by the ATCC. (American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists).

  TRUE HEMP (Cannabis Sativa L.) is the oldest agricultural crop that can & will provide jobs for over 50,000 products. From toxic free fabrics, paper and great fuel. To the finest food on the planet. To industrial plastics, paints and Inks. And finally hemp produces the safest & best of medicines.

  We at hempStar hope your entire family will find our products delightful, useful and benificial. Vote for the family farmer.
Vote Hemp.
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$16-$20  Wallets
$6-$13  Twine
$59.95  Pipes
$7 & up  Bags
$12.50  Stash
$24.95  Books
$16-$40  Tees
$30-$40  TeachTee
$24.95  Caps
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